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                                                ABOUT US

                                                ABOUT US

                                                 Luoyang Hopu Optical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Which was established in 2000, is a professional high-technology enterprise, specializing in research, manufacturing, sales of optical fiber communications passive components. The company mainly produces optical fiber activities connector, optical fiber splitter, for WDM. Sales are front-end equipment of cable television equipment, network equipment and passive optical network (EPON) system integration. Customers around the world are provided by professional OEM / ODM services and high-quality, high technology, cos...

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                                                Mob: +86 13903883156

                                                Tel: +86-379-64605158

                                                Fax: +86-379-64605156


                                                Add: Building B8,Cec Optics Valley Union,The Northwest Corner Of Guanlin Road And Longshan Avenue,High-tech Zone,Luoyang,Henan,China???

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